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Free your hands - bread slicer

Author: ASLAN          TIME: Sep 07, 2017

Free your hands - bread slicer
Are you still cutting bread by hand?
Do you think the slice is time-consuming and laborious?
Let the bread slicer help you relieve your troubles.


The elctric Bread slicer made by our company is compact in structure, beautiful in appearance and convenient in operation. It is suitable for bread slices in food processing plants, bakeries, etc.
1 humanized switch, convenient operation.
2 stainless steel slice, stable frequency, can cut up to 30 pieces of bread at a time.
The export of bread slices is made of stainless steel. Adjust the bread to the appropriate size of the feeding port and adjust the pressure plate so that the bread won't move up and down
4 cut out of the shape of the bread, the size is the same, the corners are clear without residue, the cut surface is smooth.

More different types of commercial bread slicers are waiting for you to find out.