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Vegetable cutting machine

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mushroom growing bag Puncture aerator machine
This machine use to puncture hole on mushroom growing bag to let moisture and air into bags let the mushroom growing more good . machine puncture depth can be adjustable within 100mm . and for one bag hole can be adjust according to your requirement within 280 pieces. The hole diameter also can be customized we provided 5mm.5.5mmand 6.5mm needle for your choice .

Puncture aerator machine technical parameter :

Name Puncture aerator
Model 4 side---3 sets needles
Motor 0.75kw/220v
Working speed 1200-1800bags/hour
Bag size 150-220mm/ width
Puncture depth 0-100mm adjustable
Needle diameter 5mm5.5mm6.5mm
hole density 42-280 pieces/bag
Machine size 850*700*350mm main part
220*220*1400mm frame
Machine weight 56kg


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