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Vegetable cutting machine

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This machine is disc type vegetable choppping machine, it can process different root vegetable, stem vegetable, leaf vegetables, etc. for example, onion, carrot, mushroom, cabbage, ginger, garlic, celery etc. Into stuffing quickly and easily. Chopped stuffing is usually used to make steam bun, dumpling, wonton ect.

1.Mainly use in dumpling stuffing, momo stuffing and other food stuffing machine. It is necessary equipment in the food processing line.

2.The materials of pot, cover and machine casing are the high quality stainless steel. Beautiful and durable.

3.High quality aluminum alloy and copper worm gear   deceleration box. Quality assurance.

4. The simulation of artificial double kitchen knives cutting,high efficiency and good effect.

5. It can be used for chopping hot pepper,heauy,cabbages,ginger garlic,meat etc. Widely use.

6. Can cut mixed materials, cutting and mixing in the same time. Save time and efficient.

7. Machine will be stopped automatically when open the coverof pot. It is very safe. 

Model capacity Motor Machine size Machine weight
30-cover 300kg/h 1.1kw/380v
Or 1.5kw/220v
775*715*950mm 115kg
30-cover stop 300kg/h 1.1kw/380v
Or 1.5kw/220v
780*715*950mm 130kg

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