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pneumatic sausage filler/sausage filling machine

 Machine introduction:

1. The sausage filing machine can be used to filling and twisting sausage. this is the two function all-in-one machine.

2. The machine final sausage diameter maximum is 30mm. 

3. This sausage machine is equipped with 4 size sausage filling pipe.

4. This sausage machine raw materil can be meat paste and meat particles. but the particles size can not beyond 1cm.

5. This machine is made of SS304 which is for the food grade.

6. This machine suitable for the sausage whose casing is natural casings / Protein casings.

7. This machine is the pneumatic machine which needs the air compressor to work with.

Technical parameter of the sausage filling machine:

Model ASL-QD30
quantify range 30-1000g (adjustable)
twist times 60times/min
power 220V 50Hz 1.5KW 
hopper volume 30L
filling pipe diameter φ19φ22φ25φ28
dimension 650×640×1500(mm)
machine weight 200kg
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