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Noodle making machine

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Introducing a comprehensive range of noodle making machine which is widely used to make rice, wheat and other kinds of noodles.It can make different shape noodle by changing the molds. Built from stainless steel and galvanized iron which ensures a trouble free services. Noodles making machine is designed according to the construction feature of fresh noodle. Vaccum flour mix improves the quality of dough. Curing system is designed as the "first in, first out" principle. Rollers with ripple improves the gluten net structure which makes the noodle more delicious. It is suitable for fresh and fine dried noodles manufacturers.

The noodle making machine can make many kinds of noodles, such as pancake, roundness, pasta.
2.It is made from stainless steel, safe and reliable.
3.Small volume, compact structure, simple operation, convenient maintenance.
4.Flexible operation, stable performance, high production efficiency.
5.It is absolutely the first choice of the noodle making machine.

Model Roller size(mm) Capacity(kg/h) Motor (kw) Machine size(mm) Weight(kg)
250-5 96*250mm 150-170 3kw 2000*570*1220 360
260-5 138*260mm 170-190 3kw 2000*650*1370 550
300-5 138*300mm 200-220 3kw 2000*875*1370 650
250-6 96*250mm 180-210 3kw 2000*600*1250 550
260-6 138*260mm 220-240 3kw 2200*680*1370 860
300-6 138*300mm 240-260 3kw 2400*680*1370 910
250-7 138*260mm 220-240 3kw 2400*680*1370 910
260-7 138*300mm 240-260 4kw 2600*700*1370 980
300-7 138*350mm 260-280 4kw 2800*700*1370 1060

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