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Fryer machine

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This multi-functional fryer also called chestnut fryer,seeds fryer etc. It is electric type, suitable for many kinds
of grains and nuts/seeds: wheat, beans,rice, chestnut, peanuts, melon seeds,sunflower seeds, pine nuts, 
filbert, almond, rape seeds, coffee beans, sesame, medicinal materials etc. This machine widely used in all 
kinds of stores, supermarkets, shops, food specialty shops, chain stores, processing plants etc. 

1.The machine adopts unique drum horizontal structure, well-distributed heating, reliable sealing, braised fire effect is very good. Structure updated: with back cover which can be opened, easy and convenient for maintenance and repair.
2. The electric seeds fryer with temperature controller, can adjust temperature at will.
3.drum interlayer adopt high quality asbestos insulation materials, heat preservation is good condition , high thermal efficiency. Can guarantee the nuts to adapt to the various temperature requirements, fried food taste is good, time and electricity saving..
4. In the process of frying, material inside the drum wont stick . Also easy out after fried, only need to turn switch to “ANTICLOCKWISE” place, can out of the pot for screen separation, no need manual separating.
5. This vertical seeds fryer, up is pot, below is heating tube, with the pot impeller stirring constantly, can see the performance of fried seeds, easy to check and with beautiful appearance.

Model Oil groove dimensions(mm) Temperature range Overall dimensions(mm) Weight(kg)
MYZ 1000 1000x500x350 0-300℃ 1150x640x900 80
MYZ 1200 1200x600x350 0-300℃ 1590x1020x1000 100
MYZ 1500 1500x500x400 0-300℃ 1650x950x980 260
MYZ 1200-A 1200x700x350 0-300℃ 1620x1200x2010 180
MYZ 1200Y 1200x700x450 0-300℃ 1900x1660x1900 170
MYZ 1500- A 1500x700x360 0-300℃ 1930x1200x2000 500
MYZ 2000- A 2000x800x360 0-300℃ 2180x1210x2000 800

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