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Fryer machine

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Brief introduction:
The electric heating manual discharging oil-water mixture fryer machine is widely used for frying snacks, peanut, chips, meat, fish etc. Besides the machine also is used for frying many other different food stuff such as pellets, nuts, chips and so on. It can be divided into electrical heating type and burning coal type.

Features :
1. The machine is high efficiency, low energy consumption. It can save 50% oil, 40% electricity and coal.
2. The machine is made of high quality stainless steel, keeping the food safe and health
3. The industry fryer will automatically delaminate after oil and water mixture. The above oil fry food after being heated, the below water accept sinking waste residue and clear them in time, which is free from pollution and waste.
4. The industry fryer’ oil content, water temperature, fry and deoiling time are all automatically controllede.

Model Power
Oil groove size
Temperature range Machine size(mm) Weight(kg)
500 9kw 500*430*280 0-300℃ 620*640*1000 42kg
800 9kw 800*500*300 0-300℃ 800*500*300 80kg
1000 18/24kw 1000*500*300 0-300℃ 1400*650*900 120KG
1200 24/30kw 1200*500*300 0-300℃ 1650*810*1000 140kg
1500 30/36kw 1500*500*400 0-300℃ 1800*880*1180 170kg

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