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Stuffed bread making machine

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Automatic Steamed Stuffed Bun Machine can do soup dumplings crystal package ShuiJianBao food package meat bag circular/did increase in steamed stuffed bun steamed buns etc.Popular design simple operation high quality stainless steel elegant appearance durable and strong practicability.

1.Multifunction---The steamed bun  making machine is used to make all kinds of steamed stuffed buns, steamed buns, irrigation soup packets, stuffed lard and sugar bread, fried bun and so on.The  bun’s shape can adjust by yourselves.it can stand on a small zone and it is convenient to remove.
2.Automatic---Our steamed stuffed bun machine is controlled by the microcomputer with the high performance control panel, ensuring the control is precise and reliable.
3.Adjustable---Fillings volume and dough thickness are adjustable. It can do 2400--3000 buns per hour, product size in 15 grams --200 grams, can be adjusted.
4.Longlife ---Our steamed stuffed bun machine made of full stainless steel,so the service life is very long,besides,our guarantee period are 24 months.

Model BZJ-80 160-1 160 -11 200 350 BZP-30
Capacity(pcs/h) 1800 500-3600 500-3600 500-3600 500-3600 3000
Bread weight 20-80g 20-130g 20-130g 20-150g 20-200g 5-20mm
Voltage(v) 220v 220v 220v 220v 220v 220v
Motor power(kw) 2.2kw 2.75kw 2.75kw 2.75kw 2.75kw 2.75kw
Machine size (mm) 450*650*800 710*710*1450 710*710*
Machine weight (kg) 150 250 300 330 400 300

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