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Machine application of the pizza making machine:
1. The pizza dough base making machine is one kind of shaping machine, it can make the dough into different shape pizza base though dough roller pressing and mold forming.
2. This machine also can make different dough wrappers according to change mold. One machine can be equipped with several molds according to the customer needs.
Machine working process of pizza making machine:
1. Before using this machine, it need the dough mixer machine and dough kneading machine to make the dough for backup.
2. After the dough is finished, put the dough into the pizza maker machine hopper.
3. The dough will go though the three pairs dough rollers, the roller is used to press the dough into uniform dough belt for next process back up.
4. And then , the pressed uniform dough belt will move forward delivery by the machine conveyor.
5. When the dough belt move forward, it will pass though the black mold, the mold will press the dough belt and then form the pizza base ( customer needed).
6. The formed pizza base will move forwarder with the conveyor.
7. The extra dough belt will recycled into the hopper with the titled conveyor.
8. Repeated the above process to continuous producing.
Machine features of pizza making machine:
1. The dough belt thickness can be adjusted from 1-6mm by adjust the dough roller distance.
2. The forming mold can be change to make different size or shape product.
3. The machine working speed can be adjusted by adjust the frequency converter.
4. Machine output is different according to the product size.
5. Final pizza dough base can be customized with dough round edge and holes.
6. The mold can be customized into two molds in one row according to the suitable pizza size.



Machine technical parameter of pizza making machine:
Machine model  ASL-PSJ-M4 ASL-PSJ-L5
Output 800-1500pcs per hour 800-1500pcs per hour
Power 2.2kw 2.2kw
Voltage 220v /380v / custom 220v /380v / custom
Roller length Decided by pizza diameter Decided by pizza diameter
Machine size 1640*800*1150 mm 1650 * 850 * 1150 mm
Remark: Holes made by machine Holes made by tools
Control system Switch Electric control box

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