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Automatic Home Pancake Thin Bread Making Machine

Author: ASLAN          TIME: Nov 28, 2017

Fully automatic home pancake thin bread  making machine adopts electric heating principle,it is mold production.the exterior is nice,clean and hygeian.
The heating portion takes a large area of closed form,which makes the high themal efficiency.In temperature control,it uses the fully digital temperature controller,all of the components use plug connection, and interchangeable, making it more stable performance, and more convenient maintenance.
The machine is widely used in offices, factories, schools, hotels, confectionery processing sector and individual restaurants for making all kinds of pancakes, such as roast duck pancakes, egg pancakes,pizza,pita bread,Chapati,Roti,Tortilla etc.


1. The thin bread making machine can make round-shape sheet, and rectangle-shape.


2. It is made of Stainless Steel, with high quality and good performance.


3. Machine Pancake can use flour as material, you also can add some spice to make round rice wrapper.


4. This machine is different from the traditional machines, Improve the efficiency greatly.