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Walnut cake making machine

Author: ASLAN          TIME: Sep 08, 2017

Walnut cake making machine

 Peach cake is a kind of traditional food, suitable for old, medium and young travel leisure food. The market has been selling for decades and has won people's favor. The number of people is increasing every year, but it is now relying on manual processing, which is not high enough to guarantee the quality. According to characteristics of walnut cake of bread, my company after years of research, development, production for the domestic unique walnut cake cake forming machine, the machine USES the computer program control, simple operation, to ensure that raw materials from the stale taste, produce the original walnut cake cake forming production line.

 The walnut cake molding making  machine is used for the moulding of peach shortbread roll, and it will be printed in different shapes and different grams of biscuits.

The walnut sweet cake molding machine structure is simple, the separating knife is equipped with adjusting device, which can be transferred to the best position.

Walnut cookie making machine can be with our factory (12, 16, 32, 64) hot air revolving furnace or level furnace, vertical mixer, pillow packaging machine can form semi-automatic cookie production line.

 Aslo can be with the chain tunnel furnace (gas, electric heating, diesel) or steel belt tunnel furnace, vertical mixer, and pillow packaging machine are fully automatic cookie production line.