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Show your style--Meat patty forming machine

Author: ASLAN          TIME: Sep 07, 2017

Show your style--Meat patty forming machine
Fully automatic meat patty forming machine can automatically complete filling, forming, decal, and output of filling. Can produce market popular burger, McNuggets chicken, fish burger bread, potato, pumpkin bread, meat, series of products, such as by varying forming the shape, size and thickness of the mouth, can produce various specifications of the products, is a special food molding equipment. Its products can be deep-fried, frozen or directly supplied to the market. Burger meat froming machine can also be used to form a continuous meat cake production line with a slurry machine, a powder coating machine and a few chips. It is the ideal meat (vegetable) molding equipment for fast food restaurants, distribution centers and food factories.

Fish meat patty forming machines can produce different shapes of meat pies, round, square, and other special shaped products. Can produce different raw material products. Fish, beef, pork, chicken, vegetables, etc.
The meat cake forming machine adopts the structure design of feeding blade and forming drum to ensure the maximum feeding and consistent molding pressure. Can produce different shapes of meat pies, round, square, diamond shape and other special shape products, mold replacement simple.

The whole machine chooses stainless steel material and other food materials, meets the hygienic standard, meets the HACCP standard, and is easy to clean. The whole machine adopts European safety electrical design. Multi-purpose, suitable raw materials, rich products.