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Rolling art - vertical flour mixer

Author: ASLAN          TIME: Sep 06, 2017

Rolling art - vertical flour mixer
Wheat flour mixing machine is a special equipment for processing noodle dough. It can be used for other loose items, pasta, powdery objects stirring, mixing, and other materials. The main function is to mix flour and water into a flocculent dough, which is the best choice for making noodles.
There are several advantages to the industrial flour mixer :
1High quality stainless steel plate with high quality stainless steel, anti-corrosion, high temperature resistance, clean health, stable and stable, meet hygienic standard.
2. The belt rotation of the belt pulley is stable, low noise and low vibration.

3. The original imported tile box is durable and durable.
4 360 ° nine pasta wing, two-way inversion, dense metal gear box, power strong, mixing efficiency.
5. Convenient lifting bar design fixed shaft sleeve, strong and durable, mute wear-resisting.
Mixing machine (pasta machine) has the characteristics of high efficiency, stir well, improve the production efficiency, quality of noodles section equipment, mainly used for processing noodle dough, pastry filling, dry chemical, pharmaceutical, etc.