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Small machine,High efficiency - biscuit collecting machine

Author: ASLAN          TIME: Aug 31, 2017

Small machine,High efficiency - biscuit collecting machine 
This collecting machine is suitable for the automatic finishing of the packaging of the packing machine, and the use of the pillow type packaging machine can arrange the packing objects in order. In the conveyor belt of this equipment, the packing workers easily packed into the box, with improved labor efficiency and lower labor intensity, is the ideal equipment for saving time and labor.

1. Easy operation, no technical requirement for employees, general employees can complete the operation. 
2. Reduce the labor intensity of the workers and avoid the damage and waste of the products during the operation. 
3. The staff in the back of each packaging machine can save one or three people. 
4. The belt disassembly is convenient and does not affect the production schedule due to wear or wear of belt. 
Biscuit collecting machine is applicable to: biscuit,  candy and other production enterprises. At the same time, in chemical industry, toy, hardware industry domain also be used.